ANDE is a Rapid DNA platform and software

unit designed to maximise the impact of rapid DNA

analysis for intelligence, investigative and victim

identification purposes.





Capable of providing a DNA ID in 90 minutes for a buccal swab sample,
and 106 minutes for a crime scene sample, the ANDE DNA system offers
a range of benefits to law enforcement, namely;


• Rapid identification of suspects;

• Dynamic covert policing support;

• Fast time support to intelligence-led policing;

• Prevention of further offences;

• Support to fast-moving high-profile investigations;

• Support to Counter Terrorism operations;

• Disaster Victim Identification (DVI);

• Reduced costs for the police;

• Increased public satisfaction and confidence in the police.

ANDE analysing

Unlike other systems, a single ANDE instrument can analyse
many different types of DNA samples within just two hours:

• Blood, semen and saliva;

• Touch-DNA;

• Hair, body tissue, bones and teeth.

Rapid DNA

ANDE has demonstrated the ability to analyse DNA from the most challenging samples. Numerous independent validations and German DNA Profiling (GEDNAP) 2020 certification highlight the effectiveness of ANDE when compared to traditional laboratory techniques and other systems. ANDE is the only fully automated Rapid DNA solution approved by the FBI.

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