Developing the Big Picture

To Find the Source of Illegal

Firearms and Ammunition


Firearms Focal Points


Developing the Big Picture on where illegal firearms and ammunition come from




Terms of Reference for a Firearms Focal Point
To provide an integrated tactical and strategic
intelligence service that informs and support law
enforcement agencies in better understanding
and effectively tackling firearms crime, minimising
the risk locally and internationally



Arquebus is leading the way in the development and delivery of Firearms Focal Points (FFP’s). FFP’s are born out of a vision where a single capability is created to develop and enhance information, intelligence, and forensic data related to the criminal use of firearms.

Often made up of multi-agency staff with access to a variety of systems and key personnel, FFP’s become a Centre of Excellence in relation to the management of criminal use of firearms issues. An FFP’s core functions include the;

• Creation and delivery of tactical intelligence analysis in relation to firearms incidents;

• Maximisation of forensic information relating to recovered ballistic material and firearms;

• Analysing the movement and use of criminally held firearms;

• Development and dissemination of specialist intelligence packages for investigations and operations targeting firearms criminals;

• Conducting firearms tracing activities;

• Delivery of strategic intelligence assessments describing the scale and nature of firearms-related criminality both nationally and internationally;

• Provision of a specialist intelligence coordination function;

• Delivery of recommendations to policymakers in order to prevent and reduce firearms criminality via control measures.

• Arquebus is the world’s only independent organisation delivering the necessary training, expertise, processes, and technology to enable the development and delivery of an FFP at a local level. Based on our extensive experience of firearms criminality, and our proven track record in building FFP’s, only Arquebus is able to bring a truly independent and internationally experienced team to the development of your FFP.

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Arquebus has direct experience in establishing Firearm
Focal Points across the globe, assisting with establishing
best practices, analyst training, laboratory techniques
and new technologies.

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