Arquebus provides

the comparative

analysis of recovered

ballistic material




Arquebus provides the comparative analysis of recovered ballistic material




Arquebus provides a range of forensic firearms services and related training solutions. Specialists in the use of the Integrated Ballistics Identification System (IBIS) from Ultra Electronics Forensic Technology, Arquebus provides the comparative analysis of recovered ballistic material using IBIS for intelligence and evidential purposes.


Utilising the networking power of IBIS, Arquebus is able to analyse, or peer-review, ballistic correlations reviews remotely, thus providing an innovative solution that supports client laboratory operations from afar.

Firearms Forensic

Ibis Based









Arquebus utilises the Integrated Ballistics Identification System (IBIS) from Ultra Electronics Forensic Technology (Version 3 – HD3D). At its UK based laboratory, Arquebus employs IBIS in acquiring ballistic material into its own IBIS database for analysis, or directly into a client’s server via an encrypted connection made possible by IBIS’s advanced networking capabilities.

Once acquired, highly experienced IBIS operators conduct IBIS Matchpoint+ correlation review analysis in order to highlight possible ballistic connections. These possible connections are then reviewed by the client’s own staff using traditional microscopy techniques. This process allows clients to maintain absolute control of the chain of evidence, whilst seamlessly outsourcing IBIS based analysis services to Arquebus remotely. This interconnected solution can also be used to support laboratory staff with peer review processes and training.

Arquebus also acquires ballistics material on behalf of its clients around the world, be it crime scene evidence, test fires, or Double Casts, Arquebus maintains all of the necessary processes and safeguards required to hold evidential and non-evidential material. When acquiring ballistic material into IBIS the data can be held on the Arquebus IBIS server or transferred in real-time to a client’s own IBIS server anywhere in the world. This innovative approach to the processing and review of ballistic material using the IBIS system allows clients from across the globe to manage shortfalls in staffing, seasonal variation, backlog reduction, and IBIS dataset creation. Whatever your challenge is in relation to IBIS based forensic services we would love to hear from you. Please get in touch to arrange a consultation with one of our dedicated IBIS team, we would be delighted to support you in your mission.

Double Casting

In understanding the difficulties of moving ballistic material between laboratories and across international borders for analysis, Arquebus has embraced and enhanced the use of Double Casting. Double Casting is an internationally accepted, and Interpol approved, cloning technique used to create exact replicas of original ballistic material through the creation of plastic copies. These copies can then be transported, stored, and used in the laboratory process without restriction. Double Casts can be used with the Integrated Ballistics Identification System (IBIS), or in traditional microscopy, and can be fully integrated into existing laboratory operating procedures.

Arquebus offers a complete solution in relation to Double Casting, providing all of the necessary training, equipment, and expertise to enable forensic laboratories around the world to conduct Double Casting in alignment with Interpol standards.

To find out more about our Double Casting starter kit and training course please download this summary document, or feel free to get in touch with us. We would be delighted to discuss your requirements with you.


At Arquebus we believe that training should be given by practitioners, people who use the very process, or system, that is being taught. By following this ethos, we can ensure the knowledge transferred is based on real-world experience and not just what it says in the manual.

As certified IBIS trainers, we regularly provide training in all aspects of the IBIS system to new system users, as well as to current users as part of the yearly refresher training offered by Ultra Electronics Forensic Technology. As high-volume users of the IBIS systems ourselves, we are able to provide training that enables users to not only grasp the operation of the system both quickly and effectively, but also get the very best from this powerful tool in quick time through the application of real-world experience.

Arquebus also conducts significant training in relation to Double Casting, as well as providing all of the necessary equipment required to complete the Double Casting process. Arquebus has provided numerous Double Casting courses around the world and is highly experienced in both the theoretical and practical application of the process. As such we are able to offer hands-on practical training that will ensure users have the necessary skills required to delivery the Double Casting process for years to come.

To find out more about our training services, please view our dedicated Training Service area or get in touch to discuss your training requirements.

Scoping Missions

As countries and states seek to enhance their forensic firearms capabilities, Arquebus is able to use its extensive experience to support laboratories in assessing current working practices in relation to the management and processing of ballistic material.

Via a dedicated Scoping Mission, experts from Arquebus assess laboratory processes, equipment needs, and training, as well as the interactions with relevant actors such as intelligence officers, investigators, and prosecutors. Following each Scoping Mission Arquebus produces a fully comprehensive report detailing areas of development along with key recommendations that can be used to drive change.

Donors seeking to support beneficiaries are also able to use this unique service in order to define areas of improvement that could benefit from international development funding. For more information regarding the broader assessment of Small Arms and Light Weapons (SALW) capabilities, please read our SALW section.