FireCycle is a secure,
web-based, firearms
data management solution
that allows police forces
and government agencies to
track the life of a firearm
from its manufacture to
its eventual destruction.




The FireCycle solution

The FireCycle solution from Arquebus can operate in conjunction with a national legal test-fire programme to manage civilian and service firearms effectively capturing and reporting essential data that can be accessed in quick-time.

firearms boundaries

Understanding what firearms are within national, regional and local boundaries is an essential element of national security,
policy development and policing. This is where the FireCycle system from Arquebus provides the Commercially Off The Shelf (COTS) solution for the management of legally held firearms.

Designed and developed as a secure web-based solution, FireCycle is a highly deployable firearms data management solution
that allows critical information to be captured and managed across a range of policing and governmental organisations.

utilising FireCycle

FireCycle can be utilised in three distinct areas
of firearms lifecycle management, namely:

• The registration of civilian firearms;
• The life cycle management of service firearm inventories
(e.g. police forces, armed forces, security companies);
• The management of lost and stolen firearms.

To understand more about the FireCycle system from Arquebus,
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