management and

control of Small Arms

and Light Weapons

across the globe




management and control of Small Arms and Light Weapons across the globe




Utilising our unique skills to deliver and
enhance all of the essential services,
processes, and technology required to
deliver real change in relation to the
management and control of Small Arms
and Light Weapons across the globe.






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Arquebus is leading the way in the development and delivery of Firearms Focal Points (FFP’s). FFP’s are born out of a vision where a single capability is created to develop and enhance information, intelligence, and forensic data related to the criminal use of firearms.

Often made up of multi-agency staff with access to a variety of systems and key personnel, FFP’s become a Centre of Excellence in relation to the management of criminal use of firearms issues. An FFP’s core functions include the;

• Creation and delivery of tactical intelligence analysis in relation to firearms incidents;

• Maximisation of forensic information relating to recovered ballistic material and firearms;

• Analysing the movement and use of criminally held firearms;

• Development and dissemination of specialist intelligence packages for investigations and operations targeting firearms criminals;

• Conducting firearms tracing activities;

• Delivery of strategic intelligence assessments describing the scale and nature of firearms-related criminality both nationally and internationally;

• Provision of a specialist intelligence coordination function;

• Delivery of recommendations to policymakers in order to prevent and reduce firearms criminality via control measures.

• Arquebus is the world’s only independent organisation delivering the necessary training, expertise, processes, and technology to enable the development and delivery of an FFP at a local level. Based on our extensive experience of firearms criminality, and our proven track record in building FFP’s, only Arquebus is able to bring a truly independent and internationally experienced team to the development of your FFP.

To learn more about FFP’s visit our the Firearms Focal Point page or contact us to discuss your requirements.


Scoping Missions

One of the most important and valuable services we offer is the delivery of our Arquebus Scoping Missions. The Arquebus Scoping Mission is an essential piece of work, the output of which will develop a detailed ‘Blueprint for Change’ in relation to firearms crime that is reflective of the wishes, capabilities, and long-term aspirations of the client.

At the heart of the Arquebus Scoping Mission is the three core principles of People, Process, and Technology. It is these elements that Arquebus believes should be at the centre of the development of anti-gun crime strategy, as without them the necessary foundations will not exist to achieve successes. In order to fully understand the capabilities, opportunities, and challenges with regards to the development of a comprehensive strategy, and associated programme of activity, the team from Arquebus must first carry out a detailed Scoping Mission in order to define areas of opportunity and development.

Scoping Missions focus on the following core areas;

• Development of an overall picture in relation to the use, possession, and threat posed by SALW;

• Creation of a plan to implement ‘interim measures’ focused on providing ‘Ballistic Intelligence’ opportunities in the short term;

• Assessment of firearms laboratory infrastructure and equipment, Standard Operating Procedures, case backlogs, and workflows;

• Training Needs Analysis of firearms laboratory personnel;

• Assessment of Intelligence collection, evaluation, development and dissemination capabilities in relation to SALW;

• Training Needs Analysis of personnel associated with firearms crime intelligence and investigative functions;

• Assessment of how a dedicated Firearms Focal Point (FFP) could be operated and where this should be located;

• Assessment of current firearms management control measures (licensing, stockpile management, government controls, and legislation);

• Assessment of ICT capabilities and opportunities across the relevant SALW areas of operation;

• Assessment of the scale and practical actions required to fulfil a national firearms amnesty programme (if relevant);

• dentification of opportunities and challenges relating to the implementation of a national strategy and any associated programmes of activity;

• Identification of opportunities for international cooperation and data exchange.

If you are looking to evaluate your entire approach to gun crime, or just an element of it, then we would be delighted to talk to you.

& Delivery

Arquebus is fully equipped to support law enforcement organisations, non-governmental and inter-governmental organisation, and governments in delivering projects and programme of change in relation to anti-gun crime activity. Be it the development of a programme of activity, or the delivery of an existing project, Arquebus is able to assist.

From the development of an FFP to the creation of a new firearms laboratory, Arquebus has the necessary skills, expertise, and experience required to support your aims. If you are developing a project or programme, or are considering purchasing ballistics comparison technology, we would love to hear from you.

Firearms Licencing &
Control Measures

As well as tackling the illicit use of firearms, it is also essential that key actors consider the legal possession of firearms and associated control measures. These considerations can be complex, with multiple factors such as civil liberty concerns, tragic events, cost, and post-conflict issues all requiring forethought and evaluation.

Arquebus is experienced in all of these areas having had direct experience of a range of issues that impact on the licencing of firearms. Arquebus is not only able to bring expertise and experience to matters related to firearms licencing and control measures, but we can also provide support in relation to development and delivery of IT infrastructure programmes.

If you are looking to develop or update firearms control measures or are considering updating your approach to firearms licencing, then we would like to hear from you.