our detailed understanding

of the criminal use and

trafficking of firearms




our detailed understanding of the criminal use and trafficking of firearms




Sometimes projects are out of the ordinary.
Our Special Projects offering ensures that whatever
the requirement we can evaluate each opportunity
as we work to provide a robust solution.


Based on our detailed understanding of the criminal use and trafficking of firearms across the globe, Arquebus has delivered bespoke forensic projects for international law enforcement organisations and government bodies. These projects have assessed the prevalence of particular firearms, identified trafficking routes, and forensically examined non-firearms to assess their convertibility. In delivering these projects, Arquebus has been able to assist in the development of investigative leads associated with ongoing criminal activity, highlight areas of international concern in relation to SALW, and further the collection and assessment of relevant SALW intelligence on a global basis.

We are always open to discussing our client’s needs so please do not hesitate to get in touch to discuss your requirements, be they forensically, intelligence or investigation driven.


Arquebus has worked on a number of high-profile research projects. These include the EU funded Project EFFECT
that assessed the scale and nature of gun-enabled crime within the EU and its bordering countries.

Arquebus has also played a significant role in the delivery of Project SAFTE, an EU funded, and Flemish Peace
Institute led project that seeks to understand the characteristics of illicit firearms markets. In doing so, the project has explored how terrorists access illicit firearms and how the EU regulatory framework might prevent terrorists from accessing illicit firearms both now and in the future. The project has produced a series of recommendations for EU policymakers, member states and third countries to reduce and prevent terrorist access to illicit firearms markets. Arquebus has delivered the country assessments for the United Kingdom, Romania and Croatia.

Our proven track record of supporting research-based projects demonstrates our ability to handle complex projects
in isolation, or in support of partners. If you are looking to develop or deliver a research-based project or programme
within the SALW area then please do not hesitate to get in touch to see how we can assist you.

The final Project EFFECT recommendations and report can be found here.



Due to our unique skills within the forensics, intelligence and investigative areas, Arquebus works to support television and film companies to create and produce dramas and documentaries where firearms feature within the storyline.

Arquebus is proud to have supported Sugar Films in their delivery of Little Blue Boy, a four-part drama series recounting the tragic murder of a Liverpool schoolboy in 2007. Little Blue Boy was awarded the TV Choice Award for Best New Drama in 2017.

To discuss your television and film requirements please do not hesitate to get in touch.