Keith Bristow

Chairman of the Board

Keith had a 32 year career in policing and law enforcement, where he developed extensive UK domestic and international leadership experience in intelligence, law enforcement, national security and sensitive operations.

He was appointed as the first Director General and Chair of the Board of the National Crime Agency, the body charged with leading the UK’s fight to cut serious and organised crime. Between 2011 and 2016, he led the agency from concept to full operational crimefighting, working closely with Government, global partners and participating in the UK National Security Council.

He was Head of Crime for the Association of Chief Police Officers and chaired key international law enforcement bodies, the ‘G8 (now G7) Law Enforcement Group’ and the ‘Five Eyes Law Enforcement Group’ for several years.

Keith graduated from the European Top Senior Police Officer Programme and holds a Masters Degree in Organisational Development, a Postgraduate Diploma in Management Studies and a Diploma in Applied Criminology from the University of Cambridge. As an influential voice on contemporary law enforcement issues, he has a substantial record of keynote addresses both domestically and internationally.

Keith has been commended on several occasions for bravery, leadership and investigative skill, and has received a number of professional awards including most recently becoming the first non-US citizen to receive the FBI Director’s Medallion. In June 2008, Her Majesty the Queen honoured Keith with the Queen’s Police Medal for distinguished police service in her Birthday Honours List.

Paul James

Chief Executive Officer

Paul is the Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Arquebus. He is an experienced law enforcement professional who prior to founding Arquebus had a 30 year career in UK policing. Up until the date of his retirement as a Police officer in 2012 he was the chair of the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) Criminal Use of Firearms (CUF) practitioner group, the Deputy Chair of the ACPO CUF Threat Reduction Board and a member of the Homicide Working Group. He authored the UK Investigative guide on best practice in investigating gun crime on behalf of the UK Government.

Between 2006 and 2012 he was the Unit Head of the UK National Ballistics Intelligence Service (NABIS). He was involved in the establishment of NABIS from its outset and oversaw its development from concept to an operational unit. During this time the recorded levels of gun crime in the UK reduced by over 50%.

He has a wealth of experience of developing innovative solutions to tackle all aspects of firearms related criminality that are based on the specific needs of the client and has contributed to a number of high profile international research projects aimed at tackling the criminal use of firearms in the role of expert consultant.

Paul believes in leading by example and is committed to working in partnership with law enforcement agencies, governments and international bodies to develop world leading tools and strategies that keep pace with the changing dynamics in the battle to tackle the illegal use and supply of firearms. The whole ethos of Arquebus since its inception has been to make communities safer and to improve the quality of life for all citizens by reducing the scourge of gun crime. Paul is committed to turning this mission statement into a reality.

James Hopper

Chief Operating Officer

For the past 15 years James has helped Law Enforcement agencies tackle crime by deploying innovative IT solutions and services in the areas of cyber security, computer forensics and firearms forensics. For the last 12 years he managed the commercial operations of Ultra Forensic Technology, the makers of the Integrated Ballistic Identification System (IBIS), across Europe, Middle East and Africa. This involved working closely with customers, a network of channel partners and numerous Government agencies and NGO’s such as INTERPOL, EUROPOL, the European Union and the United Nations. He also sat on the Steering Committee of the INTERPOL Ballistic Information Network (IBIN) and helped expand its reach and impact across the globe.

As COO of Arquebus Solutions, James is responsible for continuing to build our relationships with existing and new customers worldwide, developing new channels to market, blending leading edge IT solutions with services and support, all with the aim of helping to solve and prevent gun enabled crime and make society safer. Whether it’s filling a capability gap or designing and delivering an end-to-end gun crime and registration program, on a national or regional basis, James brings together all of Arquebus’ expertise to ensure a better outcome for society.

Glenn Lawrence Bsc (Hons), MCSFS

Chief Technical Officer

Glenn oversees all technical areas of the organisation, focusing on technologies utilised in fast-time intelligence and creating end-to-end solutions. He has an advanced knowledge surrounding firearms, toolmarks analysis, registration programs, IBIS and laboratory processes.

Glenn joined Arquebus in 2013 with a background in technology businesses and forensic fingerprint and footwear analysis at the Home Office Scientific Development Branch. The synergy of forensics and technology is an instrumental part of his role, supporting partners across the globe. He has worked in over 30 different firearms laboratories providing training, process development and casework support. Glenn has been responsible for several implementation programs for legal test-fire programs, connecting field based test-firing, firearms registration and ballistic fingerprinting in the firearms laboratory.

Additionally, Glenn is team lead on all of Arquebus’ development of software solutions to support the fight against the criminal use of firearms and promote responsible firearms ownership. Products include Firearms Registration and Licensing software (FireCycle) and the Arquebus Firearms Focal Point integrated solution. These products have been deployed in a range of law enforcement and forensic institutions across the globe.

He has been utilised in a multitude of research projects including: examining the movement of firearms across jurisdictions, establishment of Firearm Focal Points (FFPs), examining the threat posed by converted firearms, utlising double casting and IBIS training. He studied forensic science (BSc, Queen Mary University of London) and is a professional member of the Chartered Society of Forensic Sciences. Additionally he is a key contributor to research and educational institutions on firearms related issues.

Adrian Whiting QPM AIExpE

Associate – Head of SALW Projects

Adrian specialises in reviewing, inspecting and advising on controls of small arms & light weapons (SALW), ammunition and explosives with particular regard to registries. He has worked in this type of role since August 2013, on international projects including a feasibility study linking SALW control systems across a number of countries in southeast and eastern Europe for UNDP. He has also worked for OSCE on harmonising international standards for the permanent deactivation of SALW and wrote the recently adopted OSCE Best Practice Guidance in this field. He continues to assist OSCE on SALW related projects, as part of an international team.

Prior to August 2013 he was the UK’s Chief Police Officer (Assistant Chief Constable) responsible for firearms & explosives controls. He held that responsibility for a number of years, advising the UK Government on domestic controls and working with the UK Border Policing Command on the development of import and export controls. This included operational work to counter illicit arms trafficking and working with senior police colleagues on the disruption of firearms related organised crime, including diversion, in conjunction with leading industry representatives.

Adrian served concurrently as a specialist counter-terrorism cadre firearms commander, working closely with military colleagues in sensitive operations.

Geoff Spicer

Associate – Head of Training Services

Geoff is responsible for the oversight, programme management and delivery of the portfolio of Arquebus training products and services on a global basis.

Geoff is an experienced senior police leader, criminal investigator and trainer. He is also an experienced consultant to the security sector and international project lead. He retired from the UK police service as a Chief Superintendent with over 30 years’ experience. He was the Area Commander for one of the largest and highest performing command units in the South West of England.

He is an accredited UK National Police Trainer who holds industry standard qualifications in adult and further education as well as a 1st Class honours degree in education. His thesis centred on the interview of homicide suspects and became a key influence in current national high order police interview technique training. Geoff has delivered many successful consultancy programmes, including, comprehensive needs assessments, associated development and training plans on behalf of the UN and OSCE in challenging political, diplomatic and culturally sensitive arenas.

He has delivered complex training programmes for Firearms Focal Points and Criminal Analysts across the Western Balkans, serious crime modules to the Senior Command Course in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Senior Investigating Officer (SIO), Management of Investigators and Investigations, Intelligence, Drugs Investigations, Covert Operations and Interview Technique Courses to the Sovereign Based Areas Police Service and CYPOL in Cyprus.

Keith Musson

Associate – Solutions Architect

Keith has extended experience in assisting law enforcement agencies to get the most out of their data and the best out of their software investment. Keith has also worked with a number of commercial clients to help uncover fraud; usually by consolidating data hidden in disparate systems.

Keith has been working with data analytics software since 2006. He previously worked at IBM, where he consulted on the i2 analysis suite to clients around the world.

He now provides expertise on a number of different technologies, where he designs and implements data analytic solutions for client and partners in a number of sectors. In collaboration with Arquebus, Keith implemented several Firearms Focal Point (FFP) deployments across the Western Balkans. Each FFP involved bespoke connectivity to national databases, including Police Intelligence, Command & Control, Firearms Licensing & Registration and Ballistic Laboratory Databases (including IBIS).

Keith also operates as Solution Architect across Arquebus’ FireCycle Firearms Registration and Licensing platforms. Recently Keith has been incorporating Machine Learning and Big Data technology into solutions to compliment more traditional analytical tools like i2.

Mike Cavanagh

Associate – Law Enforcement Advisor SE Asia

Michael (Mike) Cavanagh is based in Bangkok, Thailand, where he has been located for 15 years.

Mike served for 31 years in the UK Customs and Excise Service spending 15 years as a Senior Investigation Officer in charge of many large and complex investigations. Mike spent five years as HM Customs Senior Liaison Officer in Argentina where he had responsibility for intelligence development and investigations in Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, and Paraguay.

Mike then served for six years with the UK’s Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA) during which he was Country Manager for the Mekong Sub Region that encompassed Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Lao PDR with additional responsibility for Malaysia and Singapore.

On retirement from SOCA Mike moved into the private sector and represents several companies engaged with ASEAN law enforcement agencies on a commercial basis. Mike has a wide range of contacts in the region and has assisted clients with a range of sensitive enquiries. He also provides security advice to companies operating in and pursuing litigation in the region.

Mike maintains his knowledge of regional developments and law enforcement capabilities as a law enforcement expert for the UNODC in APAC.

Mike studied French and Spanish at Chichester College (UK) and Mendoza University (Argentina) and is member of the Chartered Institute of Linguists (UK).