CEO Paul James BBC Radio 4 Interview – Liverpool Shooting Investigation

Arquebus CEO Paul James was interviewed by Evan Davis on the BBC Radio 4 Programme, PM, providing his insight on the tragic fatal shooting of 9-year old Olivia Pratt Korbel in Liverpool. Paul discusses several areas of the investigation as the police attempt to identify the gunman and use the ballistics forensics to support the investigation.

It has been widely considered that this incident is linked to organised crime, however the disorganised and erratic nature of the incident suggests otherwise. Nonetheless, this remains a horrific crime, one Paul describes as “In my 30-40 years involved in investigating gun crime, this is as bad as it gets.”

In this case, ballistics forensics will be integral and examination of evidence will be on-going.

“The forensics will be key in this case, especially from a ballistics perspective – to understand what type of gun was used and if it has been used in any other crimes. It’s these types of things that help you to identify and indeed prosecute an offender.”

Although within criminal networks there is rarely any assistance for law enforcement, in this instance Paul thinks there will be little support for the offender. “A 9 year old girl, gunned down in her own home, I think the criminal fraternity will look down on this”.

You can listen to the interview below.

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CEO Paul James on BBC Radio 4 – Liverpool Shooting Police Investigation

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Arquebus CEO Paul James was interviewed by Evan Davis on the BBC Radio 4 Programme, PM, providing his insight on the tragic...


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